We have our direct sales centre, creating IT solutions by integrating the "Best-of-Breed" products in the market and delivering them to the end user.

HongKong: 852-36103225
China: 0755-82547035
Email: info@efortune.com.hk
Site URL: www.efortune.com.hk


Salary range: negotiable
Academic requirements: College degree or above
Number of vacancies: 10 people
Work experience: 1-2
Job requirements:
1, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, expression and thinking ability.
2, professional female, majored in computer science, electronic engineering, marketing professional preference.
3, 20-32 years old, junior college degree or above, have experience in telephone sales conditions could be relaxed.
4, honest diligent, good moral quality, have a strong "goal-oriented" and time management skills.
1, the basic salary + Commission, high Cap.
2, entry, status, promotion and other systematic professional training.
3, regularly organizes TEAM BULIDING, tourism, entertainment and other team activities, create humane working environment for employees.
Areas of responsibility:
1. the use of telephone sales tasks, responsible for the company's products and solutions in the enterprise customer base of application;
2. coordination of customer order processing service and work;
3. develop new customers, expand business with customers, establishing and maintaining customer files;
4. effective management of customer data, refining and updating of the data;
5. coordinate internal resources of the company, improve customer satisfaction;
6. market data collection and analysis, and recommendations on its work;